User Registration

The User Registration Form

Every e-commerce service must provide a simple, fast and customized user registration management system, so that the company can diversify accesses to its online store, offer different discounts according to each customer, manage different shipping methods by country, etc.

Is there a tailor-made user management system that is not time- and money-consuming and, above all, intuitive?

Yes! The “User Management” form of Components Engine Plus, the platform for an all-around after-sales management.

The User Management form is:

User Registration
  • Always accessible: anyone in the company can access the platform and enter or edit users;
  • User-friendly: the interface is extremely simple and it has been designed to allow even users without specific IT skills to use it;
  • Ductile: in addition to standard functionality, it can be enhanced by customized features according to the company’s needs;
  • Embeddable in any other company’s information system, so as to update the user data in real-time.

What are the advantages of the User Registration form ?

In fact, the User Registration Form facilitates the process of entering user master data thanks to the possibility of importing data via interchange files (e.g., txt and csv), and speeds up the search for user information thanks to the countless filters that can be set. In addition, all information entered in the user management form can be automatically retrieved in the parts order form. This minimizes the risk that users abandon their shopping cart, and incentivizes instead the immediate fulfillment of the order.

Components Engine has all the services you need to optimize your after-sales department. Please feel free to contact us for more information!