Integration Landscape service

The Integration Landscape service of Components Engine

How to manage data on the company’s information systems with Components Engine?
Companies that have to deal with huge amounts of data may need to synchronize the online parts catalog with the company’s information systems. The integration Landscape service of Components Engine comes with connectors that enable such integration using different methods according to each customer needs.

Integrating information systems into the parts catalog

With the Integration Landscape service, you can integrate your company’s information systems (ERP, CRM, and e-commerce) and manage data in a more immediate and efficient way – all this in one single environment.
The Integration Landscape includes several features, designed over the years to give our customers all the options they need to work in synergy between parts catalog and internal systems. Let’s have a look at them:

Integrating information systems into the parts catalog
  • SSO Connector: it allows the access to the online parts catalog with the same credentials used to navigate your company’s website;
  • E-COMMERCE Connector: the company’s e-commerce system can be integrated with the parts catalog, preventing delayed shipments, out-of-stock orders or incorrectly priced items;
  • PARTS LIST Connector: the real-time integration between the management system and Components Engine allows data exchange between these two systems. This way, you can import descriptions, translations, prices, and quantities and manage orders and quotation requests;

If you are interested in our Integration Landscape service and want to learn more about our different synchronization methods, please visit our dedicated page or contact us.