Real-time intervention reports

Real-time intervention reports!

Components Engine Claims is the solution that simplifies the management of technical and service interventions. It contains a variety of features, including the possibility to configure real-time intervention reports according to the company’s needs and to consult an intervention history section listed by customer and/or product serial number.

Reports that meet your needs

Once the assistance intervention is completed, the technician must fill in a recap form that includes all the information necessary for the company.

This report is fully configurable and customizable according to the company’s needs. In fact, one can attach photos, documents, and videos to easily identify the problem or to formally accept the repair.

This whole process can be simplified by linking the form directly to the spare parts catalog. This way, the parts codes replaced during the intervention can be registered directly on the report.

Intervention history by customer and serial number

With Components Engine Claims, you can access the intervention history at any time to check the information regarding the interventions carried out on a single product or all the products purchased by a customer, such as replacement of spare parts under warranty, attached documentation, and any other useful data.

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