Order History

The Order History area in your parts catalog

Do you have a list of part numbers that you order repeatedly, and every time you have to search for each individual item in the catalog?

From searching for parts to requesting an order, the process often takes too long and involves the risk of error or incomplete data, which can cause delays in order fulfillment.

With the aim of overcoming this problem, Components Engine has developed the “Order History” feature, which can be integrated with the online interactive parts catalog.

What is the Order History?

The Order History is a special area that can be activated within the catalog, where customers, after entering their credentials, can:

  • consult all the orders he has placed over time;
  • select an order to view its details (date and time, personal data, payment terms, etc.);
  • add to the cart the same codes they have previously purchased and fulfill the order, without searching for them again in the catalog;
  • open the details of an old order, change some of its details (shipping address, quantity of each item, remove or add a code from the cart, etc.) and place the order again.

The Order History is an equally practical and functional area for the company itself. In fact, by accessing it from the administrator side, the company will be able to store and consult at any time all documents related to the order process flow, which are essential for keeping track of the transactions that take place between customer and company.

With Components Engine every aspect of your after-sales service can be optimized!

Contact us now to activate the Order History feature in your catalog. Processing orders has never been easier.