Newsletter communication

To maintain a regular contact and a direct relationship between a company and its audience, the newsletter is one of the most widely used Web tools for an effective communication.

The term “newsletter” refers to a recurring e-mail communication that is meant to update customers with respect to certain topics. E-mails can be either promotional or commercial, for example to notify the customer of the release of a new product (DEM, Direct Email Marketing), or they can include informational, narrative or editorial content.

Therefore, sending out newsletters on a regular basis is a key strategy for keeping customers constantly informed about the company’s news, so as to give the impression of offering the best available service.

Components Engine’s Newsletter Sending Module

Components Engine has designed a Newsletter sending module that can be easily integrated with our dashboard. This allows emails to be sent on a periodic basis (daily, once a week, once a month…) to a selected pool of recipients. Through customizable configurations, the company can decide whether to address newsletters to:

  • All customers, without distinction;
  • Customer groups, defined by language, country or type of product purchased.

Through the Newsletter sending module, it is also possible to define the type of topic to be covered within the emails. The company will then be able to:

  • Vary the topics periodically, so as to offer customers diversified and renewed communication (e.g., personalized promotions, events, new arrivals, technical articles, invitations, documentation, etc.).
  • Always keep the same topic with the goal of simply sending updates to the customer (e.g., technical documentation about a product that has been changed or updated).

If you want to enhance your communication strategies and equip yourself with an effective tool to reach your entire audience, Components Engine has the right solution!

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