Part List Connector

Components Engine’s connectors: PARTS LIST Connector

Integration Landscape is the turnkey service of Components Engine for integrating your company’s information systems (ERP, CRM, and e-commerce) into the online parts catalog. This way, data management and sharing will be incredibly more immediate and efficient, and the information will always be uniform, up-to-date and correct. Components Engine’s connectors that enable such integration are: SSO Connector, E-COMMERCE Connector and PARTS LIST Connector.

PARTS LIST Connector speeds up the creation of the spare parts catalog

PARTS LIST Connector is Components Engine’s connector that integrates the online parts catalog into an external company information system (ERP). Through this constant dialogue, all part number information (descriptions, translations, prices, etc.) can be imported into the BOM without uploading the data in the Editor of Components Engine.

What are the main benefits of our PARTS LIST Connector?

  • It simplifies the creation of the parts catalog;
  • It enables you to keep the parts catalog constantly up-to-date;
  • It ensures that the information in the online catalog is always in line with the information in the management system.

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