Components Engine Claims

The Evolution of the After-Sales Service – Claims

Components Engine Claims, the portal for managing maintenance and warranty claims, is the fourth step to run up the ladder of evolution of the after-sales service.

Components Engine Claims is the platform to manage maintenance and warranty interventions that connects manufacturers, distributors and service centers and which allows a reduction in costs and a real improvement in the quality of the after-sales service offered to end customers.

Components Engine Claims provides you with all the tools necessary to manage technical interventions, warranty reports, job orders and field technicians activities.

With Components Engine Claims, you can be constantly up-to-date on the status of your projects, orders and individual plants.

Why choose Components Engine Claims:

  • Simplify the management of assistance interventions: Components Engine Claims manages the entire process from the moment the product has been registered: warranty claims, spare parts, service calls, refunds, reports and business analysis with a single portal, available over the web and on mobile devices;
  • File all intervention information: Keep reports, notes, documents, receipts, paperwork of every intervention carried out on your products with a single portal available 24/7.
  • It’s completely customizable: Components Engine Claims can be customized according to the company’s specifications with the aim to perfectly meet every need.

Components Engine Claims modules:

  • Product/Serial number registration: Intuitive dashboards and custom reports make product registration quick and easy. After registering the serial number, you can assign a service ticket to a technician and monitor its progress at any time;
  • Intervention Report: The form to add the intervention details can be fully configured with all the data necessary for the company to optimize the management of assistance interventions and can be linked to the spare parts catalog. It is also possible to attach photos, documents, videos, etc… to easily identify the problem experienced or to formally accept the repair;
  • Intervention history by customer and serial number: At any time you can view the list and the details of all the interventions carried out on a single product or on all the products purchased by a customer, such as replacement of spare parts under warranty, attached documentation and any other useful data;
  • Calculation of refunds (labour time): For each technical intervention you can add products and materials used, the replaced parts by selecting them directly from the online catalog. There’s also the chance to add travelling expenses and duration of the intervention in order to calculate the refund;
  • Statistics consultation: Statistics enable you to monitor the performance of your products, receive real-time reports on faults, replaced parts and information on your customers and service network. Thanks to tailor-made charts you can receive useful information on the cause of each problem with the aim to find the right solution.
Components Engine Claims