Components Engine Claims: calculating the refund

Once a technical intervention is completed, one of the technician’s key activities is to fill out a detailed report with all the information necessary for the company.

What is the Labour time section?

The labour time is a manual (or table) indicating the average time required for an intervention related to a specific technical area.

Filling out this document is an essential step to calculate the technician’s refund in terms of travelling expenses, duration of the intervention, and replaced spare parts. These are all information that the company needs to adequately refund the technician.

Components Engine Claims allows you to use a single online portal to check all the documentation needed for:

opening a service ticket;
compiling a complete report on the intervention;
calculating the refund automatically.

This way, you will never lose any important data as they are all properly organized in a single tool.

How to calculate a refund on the Claims portal?

With the Components Engine Claims labour time section, for each technical intervention you can enter details about the replaced spare parts by selecting them directly from the online catalog and about travelling expenses. In doing so, the refund will be automatically calculated. But how exactly?

All the company needs to do is enter a coefficient in the back office section, which can be associated with either an individual technician or a group of technicians. Then, the Claims automatically calculates their refund. However, the payment must first be approved by the portal administrator, who can decide to increase or decrease the amount.

Components Engine Claims is the solution that simplifies the management of technical and service interventions. It boasts a wide range of features, including the possibility to configure intervention reports and consult an intervention history section listed by customer and/or product serial number.

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