3D parts catalog

The Evolution of the After-Sales Service – The 3D Parts Catalog

The 3D parts catalog is the second step in the evolution of the aftersales service. Indeed, besides providing the user with a more engaging browsing experience, it saves the company a lot of time, as exploded drawings of each product are no longer needed.

The Advantages of the 3D Parts Catalog

Components Engine’s 3D viewer merges the benefits of an interactive parts catalog with the key navigation tools of a 3D model. Thanks to the many search filters, even the least experienced user can spot the parts he is looking for while enjoying the 3D navigation experience. Isolating a part, seeing exactly where it must be placed, rotating it to examine it from every perspective, seeing its details, and adding it to the shopping cart are all features included in a 3D catalog created with Components Engine.

Furthermore, the Components Engine Editor allows you to link 3D model design codes with part numbers, descriptions in different languages, prices, and quantities. At the same time, you will also have the possibility to correct those discrepancies that often arise between the 3D model and the corresponding parts list.

Components Engine is the complete platform for creating, publishing, and updating interactive 2D and 3D parts catalogs.

Thanks to a constantly updated internal R&D department, Components Engine is always able to meet the requirements of the most demanding companies by implementing on-demand functionality.

3D parts catalog