2D Parts Catalogue

The Evolution of the After-Sales Service – The 2D Parts Catalog

The 2D parts catalog is a vital tool for customers who want to order parts easily, conveniently, and quickly and to reduce machine downtime.

An interactive 2D parts catalog has countless benefits. However, to make sure that a company enhances its business and the customer experience, the online catalog must be properly designed and have the following features:

The Advantages of the 2D Parts Catalog

But what are the concrete benefits and reasons why your company should have an interactive online parts catalog?

  • Sustainability and Cost Decrease: the digital catalog is a solution that saves on paper printing and avoids the use of energy that this entails.
  • Improved User Experience: the interactive parts catalog can be accessed quickly and can be browsed as if it were a hard copy, leading to a greater involvement of the user
  • Efficiency and ease of updating: the interactive parts catalog has up-to-date information on prices, descriptions, and availability.
  • Integration with company’s information systems: CRM, e-commerce, and ERP can be integrated with the catalog, so as to always have up-to-date information (read our article on connectors).
  • Complete product presentation: a virtual space displays all the information the customer needs. The company that manages it to illustrate its spare parts can implement the catalog directly on its own website easily, and since the catalog is Cloud-based, there is no risk of data loss in case of no connection.
  • Marketing campaigns and promotions: since the catalog is connected to the company’s website, it is also possible to see what parts are purchased the most and what type of customer has ordered them, so as to activate targeted offers.

Components Engine is the complete platform for creating, publishing and updating interactive parts catalogs, and is equipped with all the features to create and distribute online, offline and PDF professional parts catalogs.

Thanks to a constantly updated internal R&D department, Components Engine is always able to meet the requirements of the most demanding companies by implementing on-demand functionality.

2D Parts Catalogue